Six Days Left!

I can’t believe that I only have six days left until I leave! It’s crazy to think that I’ve been thinking my whole life,”I’ll be a missionary some day”, and to realize that it is literally right around the corner garners so many emotions. Excitement, worry, love, eagerness, and peace. It’s kinda tough to take it all in, but I have had some comfort. Being at BYU for a year before my mission, I have a lot of friends who have already gone into the MTC (the Missionary Training Center, it lives up to its name) and are even in the mission field already! Wanting to keep up with everyone, I signed up to receive their emails each week, and all I can see in my gmail inbox every morning are TONS of missionary emails…every one of them has great things to say about going on a mission. The food may be a little weird or the schedule a little rigorous, but they all feel the spirit of the work. What do I mean by that? I guess you could think of it like this: Let’s say I’m working on a project that was spearheaded by my Dad. Me, being able to do work, but not completely sure of everything my Dad does, I can work on the project, but I’m not perfect. I mess up here and there, but my Dad always has my back, giving me little tips and places to look for inspiration. I know that He is behind me and that with His help, I can’t fail. That’s what it’s like working for Heavenly Father. We’re doing His work and as we go about it, we don’t know everything, but He does. He gives us pointers and spots to look for inspiration as we go about working for Him. He loves His workers, or in this case, missionaries. He won’t abandon His missionaries,  but He will build them up. As we trust in His Word and His guidance, we can teach and learn more fully in his stead. I love Heavenly Father and I know that His Gospel is true! I love the light and truth that come through knowing what He has in store for us and that He is in the details. Heavenly Father has a plan and is over all, even when it seems like everything is going into misery and endless woe. Keep your head up and search for truth.

_MG_6098Signing off,

Soon to be Elder,

Matthew Davis


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