Through small and simple things….

November 7, 2016
Hey everyone! I really do only have a little bit of time, so here is the week in a glimpse!

Tuesday we had Web-ex where President and Sister Miller extended a HUGE commitment to the mission. Last December, the MLC (Mission Leadership Council) prayed over and set a mission wide goal for the next year for 465 baptisms. As of November 1st, there were 365 baptisms in the mission, EXACTLY 100 BAPTISMS SHORT! President extended the challenge of getting 50 baptisms in November and 50 in December to meet our goal. As I have emailed in the past about our goals, through relying on the Lord, we can do anything!

On Wednesday we had a really cool experience! The Bloomfield Sisters gave us a call a week earlier and told us about a group of High School kids at the Westminster School (A private high school, basically looks like a college campus, and is a boarding school) and their teacher brings in missionaries to talk about themselves and to talk a little about the church, so on Wednesday, we came to their class and talked about ourselves and what we do as missionaries! They had some interesting questions, like one kid asked if he was going to hell and what was the worst thing you have ever done, in detail. They were really cool though! Then on Thursday, they went around the table and asked us questions that they had thought about, and they were very quality. These kids really were interested in learning more and it was cool to see how they opened up to us! On Saturday, we actually taught a Restoration lesson, and the spirit was definitely there! The teacher asked us some tough questions, but we fielded them and came out on top (figuratively). Overall, it seemed that even though they may not have become investigators right then, maybe when they are 25 with two kids and some missionaries knock on their door, they’ll invite them in and the Spirit will come too.

You never know your influence. Most of the defining moments in my life have been short powerful moments that will always stick with me. Always be ready and it’ll happen.

Love You All!!

Elder Davis

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