Leaving Hartford, CT and the First Week in New Haven, CT with Elder Greding!

So Wednesday was my first day in New Haven! Since I don’t have the
specifics on me of everything that happened, here is the rundown of
the people and investigators we have:

Christine: She is friends with Joe Senatore, who has been a member for
about seven years. She has heard about the gospel on and off for a
while, but recently she has decided to make a serious study of the
gospel. She has a baptismal date for next Saturday, and since Elder Greding has
been in Southbury for two weeks, we have to teach all of the
commandments in one week. Yep. But she is very committed and it
shouldn’t be a problem. She doesn’t have any issues with commandments
except for one or two, and we are strengthening her and giving her
tools to fight off temptation. We are excited for her to receive the
Holy Ghost since that will help a ton! She is really teachable and
accepts all of our commitments willingly. She is amazing and we can’t
wait to see how far her influence goes!

Edet: So long story short, Edet is a Nigerian Prince, but didn’t want
to rule, so he ran away, but had to divorce his wife for her safety,
and she is still in the UK while he is here. He has been taught almost
everything, he is just living with a lady here, who is his fiance, so
that is the only thing keeping him from baptism. We have had an issue
with him knowing what to do with this for a while, but this week, we
got some feedback at District Meeting. We should pray with him on the
spot and get an answer. In our lesson with him, at the end of a spirit
filled lesson, we asked if we could pray about it and he said yes.
After the prayer, which was super genuine, we sat in silence for two
minutes, and he sat up and said, “Wow, i will be baptized by April.
And I’ve decided that I will move out of Minteria’s house (his fiance)
because I cant see us having a Christ centered life together”. It was
amazing!!!! It worked!! The power of a prayer…He is so awesome and
has an investigator fire that will hopefully continue to his life in
the church.

Sergio: He is retired, about 45, and at the Yale Divinity School. He’s
just studying religion for fun, but his class load is insane. He is
mostly investigating for intellectual reasons, but he is really cool.
He knows the Bible like no other, and is smarter than anyone I have
met, but we are hoping to help him apply it to himself.

Argenis: He’s an 8 year old kid, and his two sisters were baptized
about a year ago, and now he wants to be baptized. His parents aren’t
members, but they want the kids to grow up in a religion and to choose
for themselves. Argenis knows about as much as any 8 year old, but we
have to teach him the lessons since he is a convert.

Jennifer: Her fiance is an RM who left the church, so he knows a lot,
but she wants to know about her future in law’s religion, so she
requested a Book of Mormon. She has LOTS of questions and a good
amount of them are hard, but she really is wondering. She doesn’t have
too much faith in Jesus Christ, but we are helping her get there.

That’s pretty much all of our solid investigators, but just to let you
know, Sister Badham, my MTC teacher, served in New Haven 3 years ago,
and now I am here! I am excited to discover the amazing people the
Lord has prepared for us to teach and will let you know about the
progress of everybody here pretty soon. Peace out!

-Elder Davis

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Sister Kirkby-Bey and the Smurthwaites with Elders McIntyre and Davis at J’s CrabShack in Hartford, CT


The famous Bigger family — thank you for suporting and loving our missionaries!
Elder Davis’ ice cream — banana split with sherbet, pineapple, whipped cream and walnuts at AC Petersen with Sister Buswell
Elder McIntyre’s ice cream brownie sundae at AC Petersen with Sister Buswell!
Elder McIntyre, “Grandpa” and Elder Davis in Hartford, CT
Elder Davis’ mission lineage:  I can’t read the first name, but the second is Elder Woodward, third is Elder Davis and fourth is Elder McIntyre.  This is a trainer’s tie listing their greenies.
New companionship!  Elder Greding from Thousand Oaks, CA and Elder Davis
Elder Davis and Greding on P-day headed to SkyZone to jump for a while!  Love the fresh haircuts!

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