Freezing Weather, Zone Conference, Southington Exchanges and Stake Conference

March 6, 2017

Saturday was exchanges with Elder Hill and Elder Hoth, the District
Leader. I was with Elder Hill in Southington Spanish. In the morning,
I worked out too hard, and then had a little of a cookies and cream
protein shake and my stomach wasn’t happy. I felt sick for the rest of
the morning, threw up a little bit, but I got a blessing from Elder
Hill and I felt a little better. Most of the day, we walked around in
the cold, freezing our faces off. We had an experience when we were
lost, decided to say a prayer, and then found the street we were
looking for! It was awesome! Most of the day, we didn’t have any
success. We finally got to our dinner and picked up a potential by
helping her move her couch! It was awesome! Heavenly Father blesses us
in ways we don’t even know. Also, the house that we felt prompted to
go to, Elder Greding and Hoth stopped by and they answered the door
and we are going to try to set up a follow up appointment.

Sunday was a little shorter. We had Stake Conference and the theme was
Love. Love through fellowshipping, love to members, love to members
who are falling away, there were so many amazing stories of people who
were saved through love and brought back to the fold! We were also
able to see Elvira, and she has totally changed. The gospel has
changed her and made her a totally different person. In the evening,
we went and saw Edet, and we got to talk about Missionary Work with
him, and he taught us a ton! We just introduced the topic and he took

I love serving out here, and even with the hardships we have faced,
namely tired feet, cold faces, and tired minds, Heavenly Father always
has provided peace and direction when I feel like I might not be able
to continue. Obedience, humility, and service is how we are able to
help and lift others and ourselves. Try it and let me know how it
goes! I can’t wait to hear your stories.

-Elder Matthew Davis


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