Miracles and a Surprising Visit

May 1, 2017


Hello everyone! This week has been full of miracles and really suprising moments, so here we go!

Really quick, I forgot to mention, a few weeks ago, there was a funeral for a woman in the Spanish Branch. As we were bringing her stuff in, I took a bag, and in it was her ashes. It was a little stressful, but they were ok. Just thought I would put that in there.
Tuesday was exchanges with Elder Hill in Southington! We had a great time, he helped me to learn some spanish, which was really helpful, and we walked a ton! We had a good amount of time to talk, and we talked about Weekly Planning and how to make it better. He has one transfer left, so it was very helpful to pick his brain and see what he has learned during his time in the mission! We taught some lesson in Spanish, mostly English, but the English Elders came with us to dinner and and lesson in the evening. They taught a 10 yr old the commandments and used a great object lesson. She held a lot of blessings and then they asked her to give one back. She did, and then we continued to pile more things into her arms! It was really fun and was a great way to show how tithing really is!
On Thursday, we taught Sergio and had a great lesson! We were really bold with him and since he thinks methodically, we taught him the A=B and B=C of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. If it is true, so is Joseph Smith’s call as a prophet, the truthfulness of the Church, and so on. He understood and we overcame a big barrier. We are starting to understand how to balance talking with him and teaching him, and we can see him growing little by little. He is progressing slowly, but we could see him getting baptized one day.
On Friday, we saw Bill, and he is doing well! Our next step with him is getting him to church, but we had to focus on repentance this week. We accidentally went into the Restoration and halfway through, he told us that he is having trouble with the Word of Wisdom, and then we spent the rest of the time making a plan of action for him. Elder Greding spoke by the spirit and made promises to him, and we are excited to see how he is doing! We also had a youth Fundraiser on Friday night! A few crazy things happened. The fire alarm went off in the building, and Sister Badham was there!!!!!!! She served in New Haven for 6 transfers and came back to visit with her husband, so we had a fun time catching up! It was amazing to see her and kind of blew my mind! Also, I got her correct email, so that will help with getting people to see that she knows. We also got a name of a person to see from her, and we just happened to go see them on Saturday! The Lord works in mysterious ways!
On Saturday, we helped a lady move, and we somehow fit everything she needed in a tiny U-Haul. Elder Greding took some pictures, but the Lord helps his servants when they need it! It was basically a game of Tetris, and 3-D, but thanks to all of the games and brainteasing things our parents have been sending us, we were well prepared!
Edet received the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday and is now a Priest! We are working on helping Minteria to be baptized soon, and now Edet will be able to baptize her! It brough peace, just like the Spirit does!
Sorry this was shorter, but know that I love you all and that by keeping the commandments, the Lord brings miracles to you!
-Elder Davis

Marcie Badham-Calder (Matthew’s MTC teacher) and her husband visited Elder Davis and Elder Greding in New Haven, CT….April 2017
Break The Fast New Haven, CT….working on the strawberries….picture received from Sister Taggart  April 30, 2017
Love Elder Greding’s smile in this picture!  Chip and Strawberry duty!  
Contemplating Chips and Salsa after Fast Sunday….Elder Greding
Elder Davis and Strawberry Prep
Elder Davis, Elder Greding and the much loved Sister Taggart who feeds our boys every Wednesday and is like a second mom to them in New Haven, CT.  
Elder Greding and Elder Davis with ward members in New Haven, CT
Elder Davis now has 45 ties.  We sent him with 20.  They are all sentimental to him!  
Breckenridge Ave.  New Haven, CT …. I am sure he was thinking of his friend Brecken when he took this picture….
Everywhere Elder Davis goes, he finds a Prescott!
Tennis on a rainy day with the Woodbridge Sisters on P-Day…..Sister Greding LOVES tennis and was so happy to get this photo from Elder Greding.
Woodbridge Sisters, Elder Davis and Elder Greding on the tennis court!
Are you trapped, Elder Davis?  Moving adventures…
Elder Greding AKA Tetris King
Elder Davis AKA Moving Truck Houdini
Elder Davis and the moving truck….success!
All done packing…..a good day of service.
Elder Greding made the flip bottle land on its lid!  
No one told me what this was all about, but someone is loved!
Cool post-it note design and great saran wrap job!  Somebody loves them apparently….
Full shot of the Elders’ vehicle…..all wrapped up and decorated!

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