Hello all! I hope you have had a great week! We had a great one here, but it’s getting a little warmer, so watch out, it might hit you too! This week was big on the idea of understanding. It is an amazing thing to understand something or someone, so here is a little blurb on the week of my process of understanding.
Monday night, we went to FHE at the YSA and one of the new members lives in Hartford and is an intern at Aetna and does actuarial work. We had a lot of fun eating Swedish Pancakes and talking about Connecticut. It’s an interesting state, but it’s got a history bigger than a library. Near the end of the evening, we gave someone a blessing. It helped me receive inspiration. We need to do our best and let the Lord take care of the rest. It will all work out.
Jumping forward, Wednesday morning, we were on exchanges. Elder Hoth was here and we didn’t have anything to do in the morning, so we just started our studies after planning. Halfway through, we got a call from a lady in Nova Scotia. She told us that her husband’s family is from South America and that some of his close family was in the hospital and that they would like a blessing in Spanish. That was the hand of the Lord! We told her the situation we were in and that we could do it right that morning, and she almost broke into tears. She wasn’t able to be there, but the Lord made it possible for their family to be blessed and taken care of. Imagining being the hands of the Lord is pretty amazing. You see some amazing things when you do his work.
We have also had some awesome lessons with Sergio. He is really moving forward! He has spiritual experiences to share every time we see him and every lesson we teach is perfect for him. As my mother says,”You don’t have to stress too much. That’s the Lord’s job, as long as you listen to the Spirit, everything will always work out.”
I really have started to understand our investigators more this week. We didn’t understand Sergio for a while, but now it all makes sense and we know how to teach him. We understand how difficult life is for those in the inner city and that keeping commitments is hard. Seek to understand others and you life will be better. Love you all!!
-Elder Davis

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