Find a need and fill it!

August 21, 2017

Hello all! This week has been really fun, and even though our numbers didn’t show it, our work has been really good!

This last week, we went to the Salem Witch Museum for P-day. It was pretty interesting, but a little creepy. Definitely check it out. That evening, we started exchanges with Elder Curzon and Elder Melendez. We had a great time that evening, and did a really hard ab work out in the morning, but it felt good and we definitely worked hard. Tuesday seemed really short. We had a great planning session and Elder Curzon was very efficient, which really impressed me. We biked out to the library and planned streets to go and tract. It didn’t come quickly at first, but after a while and good amount of praying, we finally decided on two streets. We started working the firs street, and as soon as we prayed, we crossed the street and talked to a woman who said we could come back at a different time and seemed pretty interested. After that, we found a few more potentials and talked to some kids with very dirty mouths for 10 year olds 🙂 The time was getting close to go to the other street, and eventually we got over there. As we were about to complete the final leg, we heard a cry/shout from a side street. It was a member from the Lynn Branch who has been going to the Cambridge Branch for a while. She had been thinking about the missionaries all day and was wondering why they hadn’t talked to her or her family in a while. At the end of the day as she was bringing her son home, we just happened to bike by! The Lord definitely made sure that we were right there at the right time so that miracles could happen. That night after Ward Correlation, we stayed over at the Lynn Elders apartment so that we could drive them to Peabody the next morning for an appointment.
Wednesday morning, the appointment fell through, but we felt prompted to talk to some people next door. It was definitely going out on a limb since we were already in the car, ready to go, but it seemed like a good prompting. We were able to have a good conversation with him and set up another appointment. Elder Curzon wasn’t feeling too well, so we drove home and dropped them off for the day to let him rest. That afternoon, we did a lot of stop bys. That evening, I was pondering my testimony and how I learn. I realized that I am a visual learner and that it is probably the best way to grow my testimony. I decided to watch “Lamb of God” which is the a depiction of the last week of the mortal life of Jesus Christ. It was very powerful, and that evening as I said my prayers, it seemed like it was more real than usual. I know that if you ask for help to grow your testimony and devote yourself to it that you will receive divine guidance and help in your process.
Thursday morning, I got a text from the Cambridge Elders that said that they ran into Sabrey Davis at a blood drive in Cambridge! Isn’t it crazy how small this world is!? Thursday morning was a lot of stop bys as well, but we got Justin’s Baptismal Record signed and ready to go. We helped out at service, which was fun as always, and Elder Merrill finally got to talk to a guy that he has been tracking down for three weeks. We started talking to him his first day here, but never could find him again. The man is very charitable and wants to help us missionaries in anyway that he can, and so now we just need to find a need that he can fill!
Friday was District Meeting. Elder Merrill taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and about Baptism. He did a really good job and was clear in his teaching. There is a picture that he learned about in the MTC, more a graphic representation, with Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and the Holy Ghost in a circle and as we follow the cycle, we are enduring to the end. It was really fun to see and as he taught, the spirit was there. The second training was by Elder Melendez. We talked about the Love and Expectations matrix. I have found that discussion often brings difficulties to the surface, which then you can resolve. It often takes time, but it pays off. We talked about how to grow together more, how to increase our vision, and how to become more Preach My Gospel missionaries. The commitments that we came up with after about 45 minutes of discussion were to Simplify our lives, Prayerfully set Goals, Focus on Accountability to the Lord, and have Companionship Inventory to iron out our kinks and grow in our unity. It really helped. We followed the pattern of conversation for a lot of the rest of the day. We weekly planned with the Lynn Elders, and didn’t get through everything, but through conversation, we were able to find out what we needed to work on and how to improve our planning in many ways. It relieved a lot of stress!
Saturday went a little differently than we were expecting, but we were able to teach Evan with Brother Curtis, from the Bishopric, and his son! We explained the Restoration in basic terms and helped him understand the basics. We also had a good sit down with another one of our investigators. We haven’t been able to meet with him in a while, but we gave him the pamphlets and explained that we would like to keep teaching him, but he needs to decided if this is something that he would like to pursue. It was really healthy for our relationship, and I learned the importance of How to Begin Teaching (Thanks Sister Buswell!!! #hartford).
Sunday was great! The Lynn Elders came with us to church since their ride situation was hairy this week. Justin received the Aaronic Priesthood and is going to the temple on Tuesday with is Grandpa’s name!! Elder Merrill ordained him and he gave a really heartfelt blessing. We were crazy busy with appointments and also went to a baptism for a girl in the ward. It was cool and really brought the Spirit. I hope that you all have a great week!!
-Elder Davis
Elder Davis and Elder Merrill visited the Salem Witch Museum on PDay


Darlene (in the purple shirt) is a member of the Lynn Branch and she was leaving to attend BYU, so all the missionaries in their district had breakfast with her family the day before she left.


Elder Curzon and his blueberries at Darlene’s BYU breakfast
My sweet Elder Davis….he knows I love his mug.
Elder Davis’ tag picture!
Elder Merrill emailing at the Boston Public Library…hamming it up for the camera!
Elder Melendez emailing at the Boston Public Library….they all seem to be great friends!
A recently returned missionary saw the district at the computers and took a picture to send to all of the parents! She said the spirit was strong with them and she was so happy to run into them!  (L-R starting on the front left side seated)….Elder Carter, Elder Rockhill, (back row standing L-R) Sister McCune, Elder Melendez, Elder Curzon, Elder Merrill, Elder Davis and Sister Munoz

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