The Lord’s Prepared People

February 5, 2018
This week has been pretty good! There weren’t too many super exciting and out of the ordinary things that happened, but here are a few!
Br. LaVallee used to be a chef, by trade, and still has it! He made us some heavenly Chicken Parmesan! It was so good, and it helps that his roots are Italian! Sister LaVallee told us that her neighbor had asked about the church and that he would be interested in learning more! They have already given us one referral, but this makes two! There was another member who approached us on Sunday and said that he had been talking to the man who owns the business right next to his. He showed some interest in the church, so the member invited him to meet with the missionaries, and he said that he would love to and he’s excited to get together! This has been happening very slowly, but throughout the ward. Yesterday, one of the Young Women in the ward brought her friend to church! The ward is slowly catching the fire, but it is so exciting to see!
One member referral was Melissa and Guy. Guy has a disease that is seriously limiting his physical abilities. It has been hard on Melissa, so a member asked if they wanted the missionaries to come by. We were able to give both of them a blessing about three weeks ago. Since then, we and the member both lost contact with them. About a week ago, we stopped by their home and Guy answered the door. He was so happy to see us, he said that life was still difficult, but that the blessing had brought a lot of peace. On Friday, we had a lesson with them. Melissa was super receptive and so was Guy. Melissa had tons of questions, and the lesson went a little longer, but we were able to explain the entire Restoration so that they understood, which is always a blessing. We left that appointment so happy and so grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. To top it off, the moon was full and much bigger than usual. We were up on a hill (where Melissa and Guy live) and were able to watch as the moon went behind the mountain. I am so thankful for our Heavenly Father! We may not always be able to see him or our lives may be too crazy at one point or another, but when all is said and done, faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement mixed with living the restored gospel brings us the most happiness and joy!!
We also had interviews this week, which was a big tender mercy. President Miller spent a liberal portion of his time with missionaries, more than he has in the past. When we were talking, I could tell that he understands his time is short and he wants to make the best use of it and help us do that too. When I came out of my interview, Elder Smith had already conducted and taught District Meeting! What a help! Elder Smith is the best. He also knows Ian Ellis (served in his Vancouver YSA Ward) and Jackson Haslam (in his MTC District). We are in a small world!
Sunday was very crazy as well. Clifford came to church and was warmly welcomed again! We watched Finding Faith in Christ during Gospel Principles and really felt the Spirit. Clifford also stayed for the baptism of Cassidy, an 8 year old girl in the ward. Her family has been through a lot of ups and downs in the gospel, but through the testimony and love of Cassidy, her family was brought together in the gospel. I know that one person can make a difference! Especially when that person has Charity, the pure love of Christ. You can be that one person!
After the baptism, a member’s car was broken. By divine design, Elder Smith and Cassidy’s dad were still at the church, both of whom know a lot about cars. Through some trial and error, they were able to narrow down the problem and safely park the car to be worked on today. We were also able to give a member the sacrament. She had surgery recently and has been in bed for a few days, but she was so excited to be able to partake of the Sacrament! She also was making calls from her bed, caring for other members in the relief society and making sure that they were taken care of. What an amazing example!
One night, we were heading home, but we felt like we should stop and knock on the door of a potential investigator. We knocked, and through the window, she motioned that she wasn’t interested. That was ok, because there was another lady, two houses down, that was also a potential. She also wasn’t interested. As we were walking back, we felt like knocking one more house. The lady came out and said,”Los Mormones? Come in!” She was from the Dominican Republic and had seen missionaries before. We called the Spanish Elders, they had a short conversation, and set up an appointment for the next day! Even in crazy circumstances, the Lord provides.
I’m so grateful for the truth that we are taught from the Book of Mormon and from the gospel. It truly has the power to perfect us, if we let it. I know that through living the gospel, we will experience more happiness than anything else in the world can offer. I love you all!! Have a great week!!
Elder Davis

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