Recent Convert Progress, Prepared Investigators, Spiritual Gifts and Technology Blessings

April 23, 2018

Hey Everyone! This week has been awesome! We have really been able to see the Lord’s hand in our work!
Recent Converts – This was a big week for our recent converts. One received their temple recommend and will be preparing to go to the temple soon to bring family names and to do baptisms. One of our recent converts was able to start researching her Family History this week. She had just a couple of names when she started, but through some hints and sources, she ended up with 15 or so names on her tree! She is excited to go to the temple either this week or next week!  Another of our recent converts received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and was ordained to be a priest! Another one moved back to Michigan because of health issues. He will be able to be with his family and friends and will have the opportunity to share the gospel with them. He is so excited about the gospel!
God’s Hand – Last week after church, we had one of the young women run up to us and say, “We have an investigator for you!” One of the young women who was staying with a member family came to church that week and the week before. She was really excited to learn about the church because of the peace that she felt as she came. We were able to teach her on Wednesday night and basically had a review lesson. We planned on teaching the Restoration, but her first lessons in church were on the Restoration, so she already knew everything that we were going to share with her! She is excited to be baptized and told us that she would like to be a missionary! On Sunday, the entire Sacrament Meeting was on Missionary work, and she came up to us in awe afterwards and knew that God had a hand in that meeting.
District Meeting – We taught about Spiritual Gifts and using them. Elder Benson and I described what they are and how to obtain them, which can be found under “Spiritual Gifts” in True to the Faith. We shared our testimonies that as we develop and share our God given abilities and talents, that we will become more of ourselves and bless others in ways that only we can individually. I know that we each have our own spiritual gifts and can bless others as we magnify them.
Facebook-We were looking for a less active member on Facebook and thought that we found him. We ended up sending him a message over Messenger and he responded! He told us that he was active as a teenager in Salt Lake City, but hasn’t stepped inside a church since then. He said that he’s having a hard time and over the past few years, no one has ever said,”Let me know if you need anything”. Facebook has been given to us as a blessing at this time and can be used for SO MUCH GOOD! Also, let others know that you care and that you are always there.

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