Fearless Faith, Fix It Felix and a Face2Face

January 29, 2018 This week has been amazing!!! We had so many really cool things happen! We’ll break it down into a couple categories of experiences: -Interesting Spiritual Promptings- This production is brought to you by Elder Smith. His great wording and wisdom is unmatched, so without further ado, here is our crazy week: “So … More Fearless Faith, Fix It Felix and a Face2Face

Happy New Year 2018!!!

*** Precursor to the letter/pictures at the bottom……….. Mom Note:  Elder Davis’ mom (me) has been busy with the demands of our family and Samuel’s concussion complications/academic challenges that happened at the end of September.   The blog posts/downloading/renaming/uploading of photos has taken a huge back seat to the needs of family at home.  I … More Happy New Year 2018!!!

“…You do not find the happy life… you make it.” Pres. Thomas S. Monson

September 18, 2017 This week has been pretty amazing. I remember a quote from a devotional given by Hartman Rector Jr, paraphrasing him, he said,”I believe you can get as much revelation from the Ensign magazine as you can out of the Holy Scriptures.” He goes on and makes a joke about how he knows … More “…You do not find the happy life… you make it.” Pres. Thomas S. Monson

The Little Things

September 11, 2017 Hello everyone! This week will hopefully be focused on the simple things that make it all worth it. Hope you enjoy it! My favorite part of Monday was being able to drive out to the neck of Marblehead. It is a little island/peninsula off of the mainland of Marblehead. I think it … More The Little Things

Spiritual Learnings

September 5, 2017   This week has been a whirlwind for sure! Many, many wonderful things happened and I am excited to share it with you! Monday was fun! We went golfing with Brother Rodriguez in the ward and enjoyed our afternoon on the course. We were all struggling, but it was definitely a time … More Spiritual Learnings

True Happiness

Hey everyone! I want to go about this email a little differently. Elder Merrill gave me this idea, just like a lot of his good ideas, and we’ll see how it goes. A lot of our work is centered around investigators, so why not focus on them and then some other highlights?! Jassiel-We met Jassiel … More True Happiness