Transfers (Waterbury to Southington), Fasting and Nate’s Baptism

April 9, 2018 Hey Everyone! Well, I guess to break the news, I’m getting transferred to……. Southington! Which is literally the next town over, so it isn’t that bad. I’ll be in a different district, but I’ll be right in the middle of 3 of my last areas: New Haven, Waterbury, and Hartford. I’m really … More Transfers (Waterbury to Southington), Fasting and Nate’s Baptism

Small Things

April 2, 2018 Hey Everyone! Nothing too particularly exciting happened this week, except for General Conference of course! General Conference was amazing! I am so grateful for a living Prophet on the earth! I know that President Nelson is God’s Prophet called for us. As we follow his words and counsel to us, I know … More Small Things


March 12, 2018 This week has been very interesting. The first half of the week was really slow. Not many things were going on and it looked like that was going to be the pattern of the week. On Thursday, we weekly planned and it went a little longer, but every person that we are … More Pelletiers

Principles and Sergio

February 12, 2018 This week was really great and I learned a lot of different principles from some amazing experiences. Experience: On Monday, we went to a member’s home for dinner, but it had completely slipped their mind (it happens to all of us), nevertheless, they took the food on their plates, removed the part … More Principles and Sergio