Transfers (Waterbury to Southington), Fasting and Nate’s Baptism

April 9, 2018

Hey Everyone! Well, I guess to break the news, I’m getting transferred to……. Southington! Which is literally the next town over, so it isn’t that bad. I’ll be in a different district, but I’ll be right in the middle of 3 of my last areas: New Haven, Waterbury, and Hartford. I’m really excited to go there and to spend my last 10 weeks in the New Haven Zone.
Friday was a really amazing day for us! We were fasting as a District for the Zone, as a result, I have a testimony of fasting. The night before, we had sent a message (basically asking if he would like to meet in the next week or so) to a potential that we hadn’t seen in a while. Because of family circumstances, he felt obligated to come to church. He had never step foot in a church before, but just showed up one Sunday. Since then and maybe one other time, we haven’t had any contact with him. On Friday on our way home from District Meeting, we got a message from him. He said that he was willing to learn a little bit and have us teach him how to know that God is real. On the drive home, we called him and had a 45 minute lesson over the phone. We talked about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, and how integral the Book of Mormon is to our message. We testified that if he read  the Book of Mormon and prayed that God would let him know that He is real.  He took it all in and determined that he had some things to think about. It was absolutely a miracle. We thought that we would never talk to him again, but thanks to Facebook, Messenger, and fasting, it all worked out. As we were planning earlier that day, we decided to call a potential investigator that we had met on exchanges. She answered, and even though she had almost no time, we set up a time for that day. We were able to pray with her and her husband after a lesson on the Restoration, and they want to come to church next week. We taught Cliff in the afternoon and taught him about the 10 Commandments. I feel like he is on his way to be baptized. He has a date for April 21st, and we’ll keep working with him for that date. The ward likes him and he has seen the gospel widen his understanding, bring him more peace, and help him to find Jesus more.
On Saturday, we traveled to Hartford with Brother LaVallee to a baptism back at the Bloomfield Chapel. Elder McIntyre and I taught Angela back in Hartford and the Sisters have been teaching her more recently. She was baptized 3 weeks ago, and this weekend, her son, Nate, was baptized! We got to travel back to witness his baptism. It was so fun seeing many familiar faces! Bishop O’Donnell was there, the Smurthwaites, Angela of course, Sister Sorenson and Sister Richards, Elder Hall (who I served with in the same district in Hartford), Elder Nagtalon, Elder Schraeder (who was in Ellington when I was in Hartford). It was so much fun and such an amazing time! Later that night, we didn’t have anything to do… So we looked at our people on the Area Book app and prayed. We felt impressed to see a particular Sister who had been coming back to the ward recently. We figured that she would be at sacrament meeting the next day, but went anyway. It turned out that she was having a very difficult time… We were able to listen and Elder Smith had some amazing personal experiences that helped to build her faith. It was a testimony builder in the power of going forward with feelings.
I know that God is guiding our church. General Conference is such an amazing blessing and I know that Russell M. Nelson is the Lord’s Prophet on the earth today.
Love, Elder Davis


Victoria, Frank, Elder Davis, Cliff, Brother Welles (Ward mission leader) and Brother Pettaway – April 2018
Nate’s  baptism – April 2018
Ryan, Elder Davis, and Ricky – April 2018
Elder Davis and Sister Baumann – April 2018
Elder Davis and Brother Freeman
Elder Davis and Jay Halterman – April 2018
Elder Davis and the Taylor Family – April 2018
Cinnamon Rolls from their last day in Waterbury, CT 
Brother Marble and Elder Davis – April 2018



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