Small Things

April 2, 2018

Hey Everyone! Nothing too particularly exciting happened this week, except for General Conference of course!
General Conference was amazing! I am so grateful for a living Prophet on the earth! I know that President Nelson is God’s Prophet called for us. As we follow his words and counsel to us, I know that we will be safe in this world. A prophet is an amazing blessing to the world. They receive revelation from God that leads us through the darkness. I know that receiving personal revelation is one of the most important skills that we can obtain in this life. Do it! It will bless your life so much! I love praying in the morning, letting Heavenly Father know what we want to do that day, and then asking Him what he wants us to do. Personal, specific revelation comes each time. It fills us with joy when we follow through! Yoshihiko Kikuchi, an Emeritus Member of the Quorum of the Seventy and my father’s mission president, taught many years ago that meaningful personal communion with Heavenly Father is what makes a missionary, or anyone else for that matter, truly happy. I know this is true and I know that it will change your life.
On Wednesday, we went to visit a lady, and before we left the house, I felt like bringing a FFIC (Finding Faith In Christ) DVD. Turns out, the HQ referral that we intended to visit requested one. We couldn’t find him, but we found Victoria. She was visiting from NY until her daughter could get people to watch her kids. Victoria was interested, and after knocking the third floor door, we went back downstairs and I felt like knocking on her door again, but it felt awkward, so Heavenly Father had her come out and we gave her the FFIC DVD. We stopped by the next day, and her son in law saw video on the counter and took it into his room to watch it, so Victoria hadn’t been able to watch it yet. Super cool.
We had a great lesson with someone who was seeking for truth this week. We met her and her husband and young baby while walking down a street one night. We shared our basic message and Emily was quite interested. We came back on Wednesday, and Elder Fife and I taught her the Restoration. It was an amazing time and we had a wonderful lesson. The spirit was there, she received new truth, and they would like to come next week. She expressed at the end that she loves to learn and would love to learn even more about what we know to be true. It was a great day and a great lesson.  We also shared a short video with Crystal, another lady we found a couple of days ago. She didn’t know what happens after death, which was a little depressing, so we shared the Mormon Beliefs video with her about life after death. She learned some new things and wanted to learn more too 🙂 The small things in life are the best 🙂
I know that this gospel is true. I know that the simple progresses in our own lives are the most important. It is the small things that bring about great things.
Love you all!!
-Elder Davis
Elder Davis got a haircut from Elder Bushman today 🙂

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