Zone Conference and D&C 82:10

March 26, 2018


Hey Everyone, there were a lot of great things that happened this week and I’m excited to share them with you!

 So, I hit my 3 months until I go home mark this week on the 22nd… That is kind of weird… Don’t get old…
Well, on Monday and later in the week, we talked to Nat, one of our good friends who we are working on getting back to church. We talked about 1 Nephi 3:7 and D&C 82:10. If God tells us to do something, 1. We can do it 2. It will make us happy and 3. He is bound to bless us.
Tuesday we had exchanges with Elder Neeley. We are twins… We both went to BYU before coming out on our missions, both lived in Heritage Halls Building 25, both have the same black hush puppies shoes and shoe size, both have the same red and blue tie, and we have the same birthday! We had a great exchange. We had a lot of small things in the day like apartment checks and lots of studies, which resulted in not a lot of proselyting time… We went to the church to watch a video for Zone Conference, and there was a guy there. He has worked in church buildings for a long time and really likes our focus on Jesus. Elder Neeley asked him about what questions he has, and we had a great conversation for about 25 minutes! It was cool to see how the Lord LITERALLY puts people in our path.
On Wednesday, we had a Spirit filled Zone Conference. I learned a lot of things, like these: When thinking of ideas on how to use technology, if you focus on people, then ideas will come; while using technology, everything we do is centered on our purpose; Daily Contact with people we teach can be meaningful with Skype calls, scriptures and videos through messenger; we are encouraged to be creative within boundaries to discover new ways to use technology to bring others to Christ; New Planning steps that relate to anything (1.Pray 2.Review Progress 3.Set Goals 4.Make Plans 5.Pray again); success is not found in our agenda items or having a busy schedule, but in the personal progress of those we work with; we won’t be robotic in our teaching if we are genuine in our planning; 10 minutes of high intensity training with 3 20-second spurts of going as hard as you can is more healthy than 30 minutes of moderate excercise-Elder Keyes.
President Miller and Sister Miller spent about an hour talking about what they feel is most important. They asked us to list attributes of the 2000 Striping Warriors. Their goal for us is to be lifelong, dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ and President Miller said in interviews that most of the time, transfers are focused more on the individual than on the area. President said, “Through the battle, you will learn strength” and, “As you give all of yourself, you will find more of yourself.” I love President and Sister Miller; they truly have done everything throughout their mission that they could to serve the missionaries here in this mission, and their dedication to the individual is inspiring. They have until the beginning of July left, and are using it well.
On Friday, we had dinner with Brother Page, and he taught one of his best missionary sermons ever. “What evidence will there be that you were ever here?” His answer was, “The profound impact that you have in people’s lives.”
Oh man, there is no time. I love you all!!! Do your best and make this week your best. Love you!!
-Elder Davis

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