I can’t stand it any longer!!!

Provo Temple
MTC District at the Provo Temple
View of Squaw Peak from the rear of the Provo Temple
Provo Temple superimposed over Squaw Peak
MTC roomJuly12,2016
MTC room
July12,2016 temple day MTC
Elder Evans, Elder Fochtman and Elder Davis
July12, 2016 temple procession MTC district
Elder Davis, Elder Shull leading MTC district across the street

ElderShullJuly12, 2016.JPG

Elder Davis’ companion, Elder Shull, from Idaho Falls, ID…study time!

Ok, so this week wasn’t as bad as the title suggests. One of the craziest things about the MTC is that everybody knows you’re there, and sends you lots of goodies, which is awesome! The issue though is when everyone sends you goodies, you have so much food you can’t eat it all…Thank you to everyone that has sent awesome care packages! I love you all! I’ll probably share it with the new districts coming in on Wednesday! Share the love!

So probably the biggest part of this week came on Friday. We were a little late to class because we had to drop off a package that Elder Shull got for his birthday (It was sweet! He got a pinata….), and we walked upstairs and President Switzler, our Branch President, was standing there on the phone. He said he needed to meet with us, so we went to our room and waited. He pulled us out and asked if we would accept an assignment. We said yes, and he asked us to be Zone Leaders! So now Elder Shull and I are overseeing 72 missionaries, not to mention the 24 included that are coming in on Wednesday! It is insane, but we’re okay.

This week has been a little busy, but our companionship unity is up a lot. Elder Shull and I are bonding more, which is good considering we are with each other 24 hours a day. He’s really good at yo-yo-ing and has funny stories to tell that never end! The Spirit is really here at the MTC. People always wonder how you can learn a language or how to teach so quickly here, and I can testify that it is because we are set apart as representatives of Jesus Christ and the because we are doing his work, he blesses us with the ability to work hard, to not be weary and to learn quickly.

We got to go to the temple today and it was really refreshing. The Spirit was really there!  It was special to have our district in there together, and the picture of the Savior in the Chapel made me think about who he is more than any other picture I’ve seen of Him.

After we left, Elder Shull said something that made me think. He said that even though the temple is great, it isn’t where we should be (as missionaries). Our job as missionaries is to help others Come Unto Christ. It is great to have personal spiritual experiences, but that isn’t the reason for being a missionary. It helped me realize why missionaries often don’t go to the temple as much and the reasoning for the rule.

A few stories to end. We were out talking to people and helping them Come Closer to Christ and we stumbled upon two Sisters. Elder Shull was wearing his Boston Red Sox tie and one of the Sisters said she was from Boston and asked where we were going. We told her that we were going to the Massachusetts Boston Mission and she flipped out! Her name was Sister Packard and her father was the previous Mission President of the MBM! She exclaimed to us that it was the best mission in the world and showed us all of her MBM themed things. We asked if she knew Sister Badham and she flipped out even more! We brought her to our floor and Sister Badham flipped out! Sister Packard had served a mini mission with Sister Badham and they were really close, so that was a really fun day!

I met Elder Reis from “The District 1” **videos, which was sick (meaning really awesome)! Our district is performing at the new missionary welcome fireside this Wednesday and I’m playing the piano. We’ll be performing the hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour” and we have an Elder who plays the cello! The Church is true, the Spirit is strong, Endure to the End!  Love you all!

WasatchMtnJuly12, 2016.JPG


A view of the Wasatch Mountains outside of the Missionary Training Center —
Elder Davis loves being there!
Close to Shipping Out***,
Elder Davis
NOTES from the EDITOR:
**”The District” is a television series based on missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in California.  Prospective missionaries are asked to watch and study these episodes to help them become familiar with the challenges and patterns in doing missionary work.
***Elder Davis will be wrapping up his MTC training in Provo next week and will be traveling to the Massachusetts Boston Mission on 7/19/16 in a group of 21 missionaries.  On 7/21/16, 19 missionaries who have completed their full time missionary service will be leaving the MBM….passing of the torch. 🙂

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