Elder Davis arrived in Boston on July 19, 2016


July 19, 2016 … the group of incoming Elder and Sisters assigned to labor in the Massachusetts Boston Mission

Mom Update!

Yesterday, July 19, 2016, Matthew and his traveling group of 10 elders and 9 sisters made their way to Boston, MA on Delta flight 1059 from Salt Lake City, UT.

I was able to speak with him for about an hour, broken up into a couple of phone calls because of the need to get food as a group before they boarded the plane.

He sounds so good!  They were tired because they were packing and got to bed at 11:15 PM and were up bright and early at 3:30 AM.  They left for the TRAX at 4:50 AM and then proceeded to the SLC airport for a flight which left at 10:20 AM MST and arrived at 4:21 PM EST.

I asked him what the best parts of the MTC experience were.  He said that Sunday’s fireside with Elder Bednar was a highlight.   They watched a devotional given several years ago by Elder Bednar about the Character of Christ.  When it was over, people started standing up and it took him a second to see that Elder Bednar was actually entering the room!  He opened up the rest of the meeting to questions and spent time answering them.  How rare an opportunity!

The other highlight of the MTC was coming to understand the true nature of who Jesus Christ is.  Matthew’s testimony of the divinity of the Savior has increased.

The final point he mentioned was that, although he has had “My Purpose” memorized for years, he more fully realizes the significance of what his purpose is as a missionary:  to bring others to Christ through faith, repentance, baptism and by receiving the Holy Ghost.  As Joseph Smith said, all other things in the restored gospel are appendages to this.  He is focused on his purpose and is excited to serve and love the people in the Boston Massachusetts Mission.

I received an email today, July 20, 2016 from President Miller today that was addressed to all the parents of the incoming missionaries.

“Dear parents of our arriving missionaries. The Elders and Sisters coming to the Massachusetts Boston Mission arrived safely last evening. They spent the day today receiving training and contacting people in Boston. They are all wonderfully prepared missionaries. Sister Miller and I thank you for helping them prepare for missionary service and for the life-long training they have received to help them serve the Lord.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve with them.


President A. Todd Miller



Missionaries pictured in front of the President’s home in Boston, MA with President A. Todd Miller, his wife Kimberly and their youngest child, Bella.  

President Miller and his family are from Fontana, California.

So we are officially on an adventure!  I feel so much better having him in the care and stewardship of his Mission President and his wife.  For some reason, that brings me great comfort.  We do not yet know who his companion will be nor do we know where he has been assigned to labor, but we will update you on Monday, which is his new preparation day!  That is when we will hear from him regularly.

Love from the Missionary Mom. XO


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